Project: Application of lamp store lamps and lanterns in Shanghai

Project requirements: Meet the requirement of customer's light and efficiency distribution

Application of light: 40WCREE COB 4200KKEGU drive quality guarantee 3 years program GY – DG4002-TS track light     20WCREE COB 4200K20WCREE COB 4200K20W, CREE COB 4200K, KEGU drive warranty 3 years programme GY – QR2064 light


led track light paramenter

led track light paramenter



Project photograph:

led lighting project

led lighting project:

Belle in August 2015, Shanghai new openings need to purchase a batch of a certain brand of shoe store can satisfy uniform distribution, lighting close to natural light color temperature 4000 k, 3 years warranty of LED track light, because the demand is higher, light and lighting electric appliance co., LTD. For its special customized production a batch of about 40 sets of models for: GY – DG4002 – TS power 40 w, the CREE COB color temperature 4200 k, match the secco valley warranty 3 years driving LED track light, and 10 sets of models for: GY – QR2064 20 w, the CREE COB color temperature 4200 k, match valley 3 years quality assurance driven canister light, perfectly meet customer requirements.